Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel (The Hollows #5.6) - Kim Harrison Quite an interesting novella with great sense of humour and very inspiring. We are back in time when Rachel is eighteen and is still living at home with her great and crazy Mom. We meet her big brother Robbie who's coming home for the Solstice after being at the West Coast since their father died. Rachel goal is to start working for the I.S. despite the fact she is too young. She just wants to smear the pavement with bad guys and to win her independence. Robbie loves her but he doesn't think this is a good idea. He wants to protect her in his own way. So they struck a deal. Rachel has to stir a spell which will summon their Dad's ghost and if she manages to do it right she'll ask for his permission to join the I.S. Of course everything goes wrong and instead of her Dad's ghost, Rachel summons Pierce's ghost. For me the main draw of this novella is Pierce's character and the interaction between him and Rachel. He is a real 19th century gentleman. So charming and funny with his manner of speaking. Smart, sensitive and caring. And as a bonus he shows up for the first time with absolutely nothing on him ;). He helps Rachel and Rachel helps him. They even share a passionate kiss! The story shows how strong was the relationship between Rachel and her Dad. We see the Rachel beyond the tough, capable witch she is now, the one who came from the fragile, weak, and death-row childhood. It's important for understanding her choices in the present. Totally worth the read!