Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades, #1) - E.L. James I've just finished Gabriel's Inferno a couple of days ago(wednesday morning) and I'm so fascinated and obsessed by Gabriel, Julianne, SR and all ... :). I've promised to myself that I'm not picking up another book at least a week, because I have to rest - working all day long & reading late at night - i'm like a zombie already :). But here I am - helpless like a drug addict, I need my next dose of love - I'm starting Fifty Shades of Grey (chuckling).I caught sight of it when I was linked to Gabriel's Inferno for the first time. I remember that I was even considering wich one to choose - obviously I prefer brood, sexy male on one cover than a grey tie on the other cover(pulling tie is seductive yeah :) - that's my first association - but it's a little bit of a cliche).So let's see what Anastasia & Christian can offer to me although I'm already sure that they will not disappoint me :).