Unwind - Neal Shusterman What did you think?This question stands above the text box in which I'm supposed to write my review. Have you ever noticed it? I never did before. But may be it's exactly in the right place at the right time because reading Unwind made me think so so much that I'm still thinking :). Thinking with eyes wide open. I am even in a little book hangover.Well, I never write reviews, but still. The book is amazing and every reader who claims interest in YA, Sci-Fi and Dystopian genres must! read it. Because it's an older dystopia(first published November 6th 2007) but it's better than many of the current dystopian craze. I even think that I like it more than The Hunger Games. I'm not sure though :). And jee THAT SCENE with Roland in the Chop Shop still gives me the creeps and makes me so sad at the same time. You will feel it too.I recommend the book to everyone who is looking for an awesome dystopian read.