White Witch, Black Curse - Kim Harrison This instalment seemed a little darker than some of the previous books in the series. What I didn't like so much is that it started a little slow and very little happened in general. Before the last third of the book I felt it somewhere below 4 stars but the last part totally made up for a solid 4 stars read.In White Witch, Black Curse Rachel is mostly in a state of personal gloom. She needs to find Kisten's killer, to tag down a banshee who thinks she rules the world, to deal with a friend/possible boyfriend(of course :)) and to take care of Al's last manifestation ;). I liked the banshee story and I'm eager for the next book where Mia will be the major antagonist. I'm also happy that Kisten finally can rest in peace and Rachel is ready to let go of him. Although this plot ended a little bit anticlimactic it was very emotional. I loved how Rachel/Ivy relationship got stronger through this.And if you took the time to read all of those Hollows short stories it's worth it for this book. Just about every short story associated with the series comes into play here. And I like that a lot. Especially the parts with Pierce. But this parts were just a few. I want more of him and also more of Al and the other demons and Trent. That's why I like the end so very much! Another presence I enjoyed was Ford. He is a very interesting character. I look forward to book 8.Audio Note: I can't describe how happy I am that Marguerite Gavin is back for this instalment and for all the next books!