Seraphina (Seraphina #1) - Rachel Hartman Well, I can say that I had a really rough start with Seraphina. Almost the entire first half of the book is too sluggish and in some moments it was hard for me to find something to carry me forward.But the pace have changed after chapter 15. I began to read chapter 16 and after that I read all chapters to the end in a row. It was that amazing.The book is beautifully written and the music parts are truly touching. All the characters are great. I like Phina's fussing about her morning routine, her mind garden and the way it connects with dreaming. And I really love Abdo a.k.a Fruit Bat.There are a lot of philosophy, humanity, love and goodness in this book. Rachel Hartman involves such important themes as religion, fanaticism, sexual orientation, human emotions, logic and many more so easily and intelligently in this well-realized medieval world. So read this novel and treasure it. I want to recommend it to everyone. And if it's hard for somebody in the beginning just be stubborn and keep reading :).